In one to three days, you will get a discreet package in the mail with a specimen collection kit and a set of instructions. Follow the relevant instructions and put the specimens back in the mail. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your specimens. You will be able to sign into the online portal 2-4 days later to get your results. Positive results will be reported to the local health department, as required by law (and as would happen if you get a test at a clinic or doctor’s office). When you receive your kit, take a photo of your kit ID, to help keep track of it.



We respect your privacy and your right to access testing. That is why we created this discreet testing service. To offer this service free to you, we rely on the support of public health departments who want to make sure their residents are healthy. They will protect your information in the same way they would if you went to a clinic to be tested in person.